Our Staff have a track record of presenting at various conferences, community meetings, providing guest lecture sessions and conducting workshops and short courses.

Peter and Sandie are skillful presenters.

Peter has been a university lecturer in a wide variety of Visual Arts and Public Art. He has also designed course outlines for Professional Practice at 2 universities and has guest lectured extensively in Australia, the USA, UK and India.
Sandie’s professional background includes over 20 years experience in business and project management, in art and education, both in the community and corporate sectors. She is a practised facilitator having delivered workshops and training sessions in Australia for a wide variety of organisations.

We will take funded trainees and work with them in an agreed program and time frame.
"Some of my best competitors are my trainees - they are also some of my best friends"… Peter says.
We also give placements for interns and work experience students.

Short courses and lectures available include:

Fresco made Easy
An introduction to the genre of mural painting for people with some painting knowledge. You will learn to lead your own mural team to create a long lasting mural using the Keim Mineral Silicate Paint Technology. Aspects covered are planning, design, image transfer, materials, WH&S, painting techniques and inspirational examples.

Fresco made Easy - Advanced
All the secrets of the long lasting Keim Mineral Paints 'B' technique revealed. Suitable for large or small, interior or exterior use.

Why Public Art?
The course explores the contention that Public Art is good for the city and will identify why and what Australian Cities are doing in this area. Issues such as urban design, planning, commissioning, installation and maintenance and conservation will be covered. Spectacular examples of success and failure will be discussed. Participants will select a location, investigate needs, conceptualise and design a piece of site specific public art.

So you want to become a mural painter?

An introduction to mural painting for high school students which includes easy practical activities and some background history.

The Design of Community Projects
We can lead the Design of a Community Project in a workshop for your community or teach you how to do it.

What is Community Art?
An introductory slide talk for organisations who wish to embark on a community run project.

What is Cultural Planning?
An introductory slide talk covering all of the major aspects of cultural and lifestyle planning for Councils.

What do you see when you think of Paris?
A slide talk for councils explaining why public art is good for the city and it’s image - economically and socially and why/how it can be included in any urban design process.